This Is Dines Green 2013-2014 / by Claire Farrell

Dines Green, Worcester, 2013-2014

Working in partnership with Worcester Housing Association and artists we were collectively based in Dines Green in for 18 months to develop a public engagement programme to support the development of a number of temporary and permanent public artworks on the estate while it underwent major redevelopment.

Artists - General Public, Ian Richards, Cathy Wade, Hannah Hull, Luke Perry, Dan Newso, Jenny Peevers, Lucy McLauchlan, Laurence Roper, Stephen Burke, Simon Peplow, Leah Carless.

The project began with a 6-month research period, working with local people through a series of informal events to get to know the area and how people felt about living in Dines Green estate we identified four recurring themes

>Nothing ever happens here >PLAY (the kids need to play!) >Stigma >Identity

Claire Farrell Project Curator created an arts and play programme in response to the themes and conversations with local residents that took place over a 10-week period during the summer of 2014 in St Michaels Church hall, one of two community spaces on the estate.

The programme included a number of artist and community led activities to explore the key themes further and support the artists as they developed ephemeral site specific work including 'The People’s Museum' by Hannah Hull, 'Photographic Portraits' in an outdoor exhibition by Stephen Burke, 'Community Supper Clubs' by Jenny Peevers and multiple art interventions using tape, yarn and paint across several sites within the context of re-imagining the estate's physical landscape as a giant playground. The project culminated with the installation of a permanent public artwork titled 'This is Dines Green' at the entrance of the estate by artist Luke Perry and a new playground for the estate (the only playground) designed by Cathy Wade and Ian Richards.

The project was funded by Worcester Community Housing and supported by the following partners: Worcester City Council, Worcester City University, Worcester Community Trust and Worcester Play Council.