T5 2012 / by Claire Farrell


Heathrow, London, 2012

WERK were commissioned by National Express to create a concept for a permanent enhancement to Heathrow Terminal 5.

Artist. Heavy Object.

The UK’s busiest bus and coach station, located at the heart of the world’s busiest international airport, in 2004 Birmingham based D5 Architects were commissioned by National Express to take charge of the structure which most notably features a 1100 m² air inflated, translucent roof. The inflatable roof structure, designed in conjunction with well known balloonist Per Lindstrand, enabled the creation of a column free, triple storey internal space that will contribute to a safe, open and comfortable environment for its users. The self supporting canopy is also transparent, allowing the space to be naturally lit during daylight hours.

WERK commissioned artist and designer Ian Richards to develop an installation concept for the interior of the terminal following a number of site visits with the intention to create a sense of arrival in a space with five exits.

Filmmaker Craig Bush was commissioned to document the process.

In partnership with National Express.