Digbeth Public Art Project 2008-2009 / by Claire Farrell

Digbeth Public Art Project

Digbeth, Birmingham, 2008-2010

Digbeth Public Art Project (DPAP) was conceived and produced by Claire Farrell, WERK as part of the redevelopment of Birmingham Coach Station with the aim to support the regeneration of the area and enhance the sense of arrival to one of the cities major gateways (1.6 million visitors a year). The project engaged the local people within the artist's research and development phase through a series of unique participatory events held at various venues across Digbeth. The resulting site specific work 'Boundary' (Rob Colbourne & Stuart Mugridge) and 'A Hundred Thousand Welcomes' (Dave Sherry) evolved from a grounded engagement process with the local community.

The realisation of the three-artwork commissions was the result of an in-depth, two-year long research project in response to ongoing dialogue and a series of events with local people and the historical and cultural traditions of the area.

Every year the Birmingham Coach Station sees 1.6 million passengers enter the city through its gates. The DPAP installations provide the area with a strong visual identity, creating a lasting impression of the city of innovative and progressive. The collaborative artworks are testament to the creative and enterprising nature of the area, improving the aesthetic reputation of Birmingham by investing in the city's art and culture.