WERK is an arts organisation that specialises in commissioning artists within site-specific and context-specific projects, which reframe the relationship between art, the built environment, communities and audiences. 

WERK explores what public art can be in relation to situations, contexts and physical sites, attempting to move away from traditional notions of public art as object.  WERK is interested in process and making art visible and accessible.  It creates opportunities for artists to develop new work in response to a place; contributes to professional and skillset development; research in practice, new approaches to public engagement and participation.  Working with local people in devising creative content, programmes and events is a fundamental part of WERK’s process. 

A pre-conceived notion of public art as an object often exist, WERK instead explore what public art might be away from this reductive definition. Every situation and context presents a multitude of complexities and opportunities, and new genre public art is therefore a source of ongoing interest.

WERK create frameworks for relationships to develop between artists, communities and the built environment often exploring place-making, and the disruption or reactivation of our everyday lives, environment and routine through new experiences.

We are passionate about urbanism, socially engaged practice, people, place and all contemporary art forms.