'thread by thread' new exhibition opens by Baptist Coelho / by Claire Farrell

Artist Baptist Coelho who was commissioned by WERK as part of 48Sheet in 2012, has a new exhibition open at the Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation in Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Titled 'thread by thread' the exhbition has been curated by Monisha Ahmed and will run untill June 15th.

'The exhibition title 'thread by thread', is taken from an essay by the Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910). The quote informs Baptist Coelho’s practice, which attempts to reveal and understand conflict and war through observations and conversations that have been woven into the fabric of the lives of people, whether directly or indirectly affected.

Since 1984, India and Pakistan have been zealously guarding their territories on the Siachen Glacier. Beyond the complexities and politics of war, Coelho draws his inspiration from the soldiers posted in this icy terrain, who at 17,000 feet serve their three-month terms on one of the highest battlefields of the world. These works reveal their challenges and valour, but also the paradox of heroism, confronted by brutal cold and the perils of a high altitude on an uncertain terrain, more lives are lost due to the weather than fighting.

Baptist’s fabric collages and assemblages, with their many disparate pieces assembled and sewn together, attest to the conceptual and psychological connotations associated with cutting, weaving, stitching, and mending. Textiles speak to us in many ways, but as narratives on life, they encapsulate experience and memory. While Baptist explores the textiles that protect the soldiers, he brings a new perspective to the understanding of what it means to live and fight on the Glacier.' - Monisha Ahmed, Curator

Find out more about the exhibition and Baptist Coelho's work atwww.baptistcoelho.com