LPAP Supper Club / by Claire Farrell

LPAP Supper Club

Part of Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP) Longbridge, Birmingham, 2014

Great conversations, tasty food and exciting possibilities were shared at the Longbridge Supper at Urban Flavours (Bournville College training restaurant) on 21st May, 2014. Representatives from community groups came together to discuss the priorities that emerged from the suppers and lunches that had taken place in various community venues throughout March, April and May.

The conversations focused around the future of Longbridge and included ideas that could contribute to making the new town centre a place that locals feel they belong to; opportunities for young people and long term unemployed; capturing and celebrating local stories that revolved around the Austin/Rover works.

The aim of the suppers and lunches is to recognise local skills, interests and existing networks and build on these through LPAP.

Find out more about Longbridge Public Art Project at www.LPAP.co.uk