Austin Sports & Social Club Workshop with artist Luke Perry / by Claire Farrell

Austin Sports & Social Club Workshop

Part of Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP) Longbridge, Birmingham, 2014

LPAP artist-in-residence Luke Perry held a workshop at Austin Sports & Social Club to speak to residents of Longbridge. The artist spoke to over 50 local residents, many of whom worked at Longbridge got involved in a process of storytelling, sharing their memories. Each person wrote anonymously in chalk on slate their memories, hopes, fears or ruminations. Such as: “You were an assembler, a small part in a large machine”, “As a boy I slept to the sound of the hammers”, “You have to understand the enormity of the place” and “Often in the history of Longbridge it is the workforce that gets neglected and forgotten”. Tthe day was illuminating, and also inspiring, for all of the strange and confused political history of the site, it is the ordinary working people that are remembered with most strength and fondness.

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